The RAW Skatehalle is not new, it's part of the bottom-up initiatives for which Berlin is famous, famous as the RAW Tempel area, that was the "Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk" - the area where the trains were repaired and improved. The area was named after Franz Stenzer (a german communist killed by the Nazis in Dachau) and after the WWII was deeply damaged. The area is now used by RAW Tempel e.V. as place for studios and production spaces for artists of all genres, and cultural events (like the Craft Bier Fest).
Now, after Redbull which has invested in the Mellowpark Bmx & Skateboard and the Converse Space 002, it has been time for Nike to put the signature under another underground part of the city.
Basicly the return in term of image and PR for those companies is so big, that they have understood that to create approval from these communities, it's important to do something real without overdo.
The Nike SB Shelter has been inaugurated January 2014 and in July it has hosted the first big event with a competition.

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