As long as you explore the city, you might think that it's harder and harder to find some more interesting special places that you don't know. But this is the case of the Art House St. Lukas (Saint Luke the Evangelist is the patron saint of artists).
This building which is already interesting from the outside, shows all its beutiful once you get inside the courtyard. It was constructed in an interesting eclectic style (1889/1890, Architect: Bernhard Sehring, who has a bas relief of him there as well as Saint George slaying a dragon and holding a building in his hand). It housed after its establishment about 20 sculptors, including Ludwig Manzel (who made also the grave monument for Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau). Even today, some are studios and apartments are used by artists.
Inside there a garden and a variety of different statues and in the middle of it there's a nymph ready to have a bath in the fountain at the center of the yard.As long as is a private building, you can not get so easily inside, but maybe you're lucky and the gate is open.
Special thanks to Tiziana Gagliardini for the history of art informations.

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