The Hotel Bogota today was full of people, maybe because it was the last day and it was possible to sneak in the hotel and have a look at it, room by room (also trying to seat on chairs or watching inside the toilets), or maybe because it was possible to buy most of the furnitures and objects in there.
This was the last day of this historical hotel in Berlin, closed due to the impossibility to pay the raising rent, as said by the owners.
"Schlüterstr. 45 became a hotel in 1964. Then there were four separate hotels on four floors. In 1967 they were combined to form HOTEL BOGOTA as it is today.
Even now you can recognize from the varied sizes of the rooms and from the high ceilings typical for older Berlin apartment houses that the builing was originally one of these." [...]
"Schlüterstr 45 was confiscated by the Nazis in 1942, but remained connected with culture, all be it in a fearful manner: It housed the offices of the Reich Chamber of Culture and its infamous director Hans Hinkel." (From which they say that Chaplin might have get inspired for the Great Dictator). The hotel is also famous also for the presence of Helmut Newton in the 30's and other famous people from the Berlin art scene (for which someone had compared it to the Chelsea Hotel).

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