The Friedrichs orphanage Rummelsburg was designed in 1853 and built from 1854 to 1859 home for orphaned boys and girls who were picked up in Berlin and the surrounding area. It was commissioned by the Berlin magistrate on a 13-acre city-owned area. Until 1949 in the buildings of orphans were accommodated, later it also became temporary convalescence of children and adolescents. The resulting two buildings (Knabenhäuser) and the enclosure are part of the Denkmalschutz.
In the last months of World War II the building was badly damaged, the church completely disappeared. After the war it was used as a temporary repair and continued use as an orphanage, for the strong need.
In 1950 the ruins like the church or the girls houses were demolished and the surviving buildings repaired.
The two surviving boys houses served from 1953 as general and administrative buildings, from 1960 as an office building for the new stationed Border Regiment 35 of the East German border guards, which was responsible for border control on the water section. As an existing property precast concrete barracks were built on part of the orphanage parks and established some boathouses along the banks.
In 2003 they were fully renovated and turned into apartments.

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