At first sight some people may find  a post on this brigde not so interesting, but as long as the city has been heavely damaged during the WWII, all the small pieces of history that are still original, have their importance in this research for the city.
The bridge was built in connection with the construction of the power plant in 1900 to guide the electrical lines to Charlottenburg in addition to the use as a pedestrian bridge. In 1902, the footbridge named after the manufacturer Werner von Siemens, who had near its residence. Siemens is a very important family name here in Berlin as long as they had their own area of the city called Siemensstadt with power plants, productions areas and modern houses for the workers.
As it had no strategic importance for the street fighting, the bridge survived the Second World War and it is now one of the well-preserved historic pedestrian bridges over the river Spree. In 1960 in was extensively renovated.

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