Have you ever noticed this huge pink tube at the border of Charlottenburg on the small island between Tiergarten and the Berlin Zoo?
The "Rosa Röhre" was designed by Berlin architect Ludwig Leo the UT2 was completed in 1974. This striking pink loop has a length of 120 meters and holds a water volume of 3300 tons. The UT2 is thus the largest circulation and cavitation tank in the world and it's now an historical building under Denkmalschutz. The building was originally built for routine testing in shipbuilding. It is no longer commercially operated for a long time and used exclusively for research projects of the University (the Institute of Land and Sea Transport uses the circulation tank regularly for propulsion and cavitation trials with which the overall design of hull and propeller is investigated). 
UT2 is considerably damaged, especially in the outer shell, but there are some possibilities that it will be restoreted soon and used for research purposes by TU Berlin.

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