This area has been massivaly modified and filled with buildings lately. Historically was a glass factory, started in 1890, then after the WWII was converted, as the majority of all other factories, into a VEB, named Glaswerk Stralau, was sold but then abandoned in 1997 and when I moved in Berlin in 2010, was a very common place for photoshooting, as it was open air but it had a roof.
The all area is contaminated, as the factory served to produce containers for poison gas grenades for the First World War and also during the Second World War,  the factory benefited of large orders from the Wehrmacht. The Bucht, the little bay of the Spree in Rummelsburg, is filled with underwater polluted industrial materials, to the point that it was possible to see bubbles popping up to the surface some years ago. None the less, the long Kynaststrasse, that had already the S-bahn on one side, has been now closed on on the other side by a neverending building facade, leaving no space to see the other side.

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