There was a time when this symbol was everywhere, for 10 years it has been the symbol of a nation, when this symbol was produced as sculptures, draws, mosaics, banners and stripes on Nazi's arms and now it's so hard to find them. It's the same feeling when we explore old Soviet bases (like Tank Division Base, Wehrmacht & DDR Uniform Factory or Soviet Base): we look for History and from them we can understand how the great empires have crumbled. We are witnesses.
It's hard to describe the feeling when you're in presence of such an historical place and although it's not for sure that this mosaic is original, at a certain point, it makes not great difference.
The mosaic is at the second floor of a building, on top of a light yellow marble staircase and its position is dominant. It's quite perfectly preserved, although the four small side swastikas have been removed.
The building has been used by the Soviet Army for a long time after the end of the WWII and it's a mystery why this symbol has been left as is. Maybe cause the room was found in perfect state  or maybe as a sense of superiority for having destroyed the nazis.
You're NOT allowed to use these photos if you want to post them on neo-nazi or right wing websites. This survey is for Historical purposes only, no more infos are given.

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