As the Stadtbad Wedding and Oderberger (Prenzlauer Berg) also the Hupe (as called by the people of Lichtenberg) has been closed with the end of the DDR because it was too expensive to repair and also because the habits of the people were changing and the private bathrooms were finally in most of the houses in Berlin.
The building is from 1928 and the front facade is enriched with 4 kinetic statues of divers, while at the entrance you'll find blue ceramics and brown ceilings. After the was it has been used for the swimming lessions of the children at DDR time and then it has been closed for a long time, due to some serious problems at the plants.
The people of Lichtenberg are now promoting the re-opening of the structure with a spontaneous association "Stadtbad Lichtenberg e.V.". 

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