The Böhmisches Brauhaus has been a Bohemian brewery in an area that was full of beer factories in '800 . Armand Knoblauch was part of one of the most influential families in Berlin, he decides to start this Beer House and it became really famous at that time.
Unfortunately during the WWII all the area has been really badly damaged and the building has been then used as stocking cellar in 1952, used until 1992 by the Berlin Wine Cellar and it was then the largest wine store in the DDR, while in Mälzereigebäude had been established  a major trading post of the stock shoes.
Today part of the big building has been completaly changed, a part is a big hotel and on the other side there's  another building used as forum, conference room and a gym.
The remaining building, Sudhaus - in these photos, till today as been left as is, and there's no idea on what will be next.

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