After the big scandal of some years ago, when Hugo Boss factory (BBC News) was related with the production of army uniforms for the Nazis and the use of forced labourers, mostly women; we've found a uniform's factory in Brandenburg, used by Wehrmacht and then by the DDR.
These structures were a sub-camp of the Army Clothing Office in Brandenburg, built in the years 1939-1942 and used in 1941-1945 by the German Army for the production and storage of Army uniforms and accessories. After the end of World War II the site was a supply depot of the DDR, used for the storage of army clothing, army supplies and spare parts. Even clothing was repaired, there was a laundry (dry cleaning) and a sewing room.
The buildings on about 20 acres of sub-camp consists mainly of eight arc-shaped arrangement and still partially interconnected, designed in a modern reinforced concrete frame construction with large window areas.
Since 1991 the withdrawal of Soviet forces from the territory of the former DDR, the restricted area is left as is and there's an association that every six months cleanup the space.

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