Although this place is really huge, it's unfortunately really heavy damaged, falling apart and in some parts also dangerous (and under control of security).
The Bärenquell Brauerei (Brewery) closed its doors in 1994 after 112 years old of working. It first opened as the Borussia Brauerei in 1882 and then it was bought by Schultheiss AG and expanded in 1898.
The complex comprehends: the Staff House (1882), the administration building (1888), in neo-Renaissance style with tower attachment, the bottle storage building, with historicist neo-Gothic boundary wall, the barrel factory and barrel wood stock, turbine building, horse barn with water tower, in the style of Gothic Revival, the bottled beer cellar with loading station, the storage building, the workshop building, in the style of Expressionism and the beer store with cooling tower, in the style of Expressionism.
It was part of the VEB Getränkekombinat Berlin during DDR time and after a lot of changes of owners and troubles (as for most companies) after Die Wende, it was taken over by its competitors, and closed its doors in 1994 after 112 years and the buildings remain abandoned.

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