I'm always fascinating, when I get inside one of those old places and I can see how there's till in perfect condition after all this time. You can walk around, smell the time passed, try to identify the life of the people inside it and see what is missed. A very nice feeling.
And on the other side I'm always very scared about how's simple places like this can be vandalized and destroyed in just one time.
We've been lucky, we were just outside and the place was opened, used for some sort of TV show, and we asked to take some pictures. Sometimes to ask is the best way to get into the places, to be nice, to not pretend.. and sometimes the magic happens.
This was a power station as you can see from the machinery and what is missed in main turbine hall, abandoned around the 60's. Behind it there were the offices and on the different floors of the building other facilities and also a stage (probably used for political meetings and for recreational purposes).

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