These structures, together with the Wehrmacht & DDR Uniform Factory ones, were a camp of the Army Clothing Office in Brandenburg, built in the years 1939-1942 and used in 1941-1945 by the German Army for the production and storage of Army uniforms and accessories.
In the Russian time the base served as base for a Tank Division as we've found a paint at the entrance of a barrack (a normal habit) with a soldier, the tank on the side and the CA on the shoulder (the abbreviation CA identifies the Soviet Army and was present on shoulders of most enlisted personnel).
This particular base is made by a very long and huge central building, interconnected with another smaller one by an elevated concrete tunnel (built after). In the attic of the buildings there ware gyms (another common habit of russian bases) with basketball camp, a boxe sack and a pair of gym shoes. On the wall the names of the painted names of military sport associations and mottos.

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