To all of us are very clear the attempts of the people of the DDR (GDR) to escape it and try to reach the West. But for not all of us is so clear what was happening next.

On April 14, 1953, President Theodor Heuss opened the processing center for refugees and emigrants from East Germany (the GDR) at Marienfelder Allee 66/80 in West Berlin. By the time the East German State came to an end in 1990 1.35 million refugees and emigrants from the GDR and 96,000 German repatriates had passed through this “Gate of Freedom.” These arrivals were taken in, cared for, and guided into West Germany with the help of both German and Allied agencies.

The refugee centers buildings continued to be used as the central intake site for emigrants to the Berlin area until June 2010. Since December 2010 they are used by the organization Internationaler Bund on behalf of the state of Berlin as temporary living quarters for refugees and applicants for asylum." (from the official press information)
This place is still in use and it's not allowed to take pictures.

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