It looked a bit like New Year's Eve, when you get out on the street without being sure of where you will celebrate.
And then, as you walk, meet other people, and you realize that you're directed to the same point.
So at every intersection you are more and more, you become a multitude of individuals.
The 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall were held as a calm, relaxed and simple meeting with a wait of smiling people looking for a place to enjoy and rejoice together.
The anniversary was celebrated with not-perfect-choreography, a factor that has made it even more human, family, some balloons did not want to break away from the stand and others were caught, others have flown even in advance, accompanied by playful incitement of the public.
With the ideal wall that flew away, the city has recovered its unity and together returned home, with a historical interesting note that someone has pointed out: from the Oberbaumbrücke most of the crowd was directed towards Friedrichshain towards that East from which all ran away 25 years ago.

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