After the first part of this reportage Olympiapark: Waldbühne and Clubhaus (Part I), we keep on walking in the area to have a look at all the other buildings and decorations.
From the Clubhaus to the main buildings on the other side of the soccer field (used by the fooball team Hertha Berlin), there are riding stables by a horse riding school, the Frauenhaus (House of Women) and some other small buildings.
On the other side of the area there's a complex of buildings made in a U shape with a outdoot swimming pool in the center of it. All around there are different decorations from Nazi time like an original nazi-adler (eagle) with a scraped off swastika, two bulls guarding the entrance of the area and a huge statue of a resting athlet as well as low relief serie on the buildings ledge, taken from statue decorations of classical era and harmoniusly arranged.
The complex of buildings and the open spaces of the sports forum in the north were taken by the British Allies as headquarters after the Second World War and were inaccessible to the public.
The U complex was originally made with a Swimmhaus, a Swimmhalle and a Große Turnhalle, while on the other side of the swimming pool there's the Haus des Deutschen Sports of which we'll talk next time for the Part III.

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