This is the last appointment with the Rügen Island (you can read the previous articles about the island overview, of Prora and of the Lifeguard Tower) and this castle deserves its own article.
The Granitz Hunting Lodge is built in the middle of a very deep forest and on top of the hill (the highest one in East Rügen)  in the years 1838 to 1846 by order of Prince Wilhelm Malte I of Putbus, based on a design by Berlin architect, Johann Gottfried Steinmeyer in the style of the North Italian Renaissance castellos. It was once a popular holiday destination for European nobility and prominent people.
Today the castle is a museum and although it is a bit morbid with hunting trophies, the very striking inside circular staircase is a suggested one if you're on Rügen, but not for the fears of heights.

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