There's a small but nice island outside Berlin, not far from the House of Wannsee Conference, that you can reach easily with a small boat, the Peacock Island.
It's considered a natural reserve and once you get on the other side with the boat, you'll enjoy the landascape and the view on Wannsee and the peace of this place.
On the island, of course, there are peacocks (at the time we've been there just few of them were free) that you can have a look in a restored ancient bird cage. Following the path you can get to a small castle, some nice houses, some fields with horses and it is also part of the Unesco heritage.
The origin of the peacocks on the island is given propably because Frederick William III, turned the island into a model farm and in 1821–1834 had the park redesigned by Peter Joseph Lenné and Karl Friedrich Schinkel, who planned several auxiliary buildings. The king also laid out a menagerie modeled on the Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes in Paris, in which exotic animals.

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