From the beginning of 1900 this hill has been used to make radio experiments with " portable " arc transmitters whose antennae were lifted with balloons and kites in the air. Due to the extremely successful attempts , it was decided to build at this place a solid military radio station.
But with Hitler also changed the completely neutral German broadcasting. Due to the propaganda possibilities of modern broadcasting, new rulers where applied to accelerate its development and in view of the upcoming 1936 Olympics th readio was greatly expanded.
The transmitters on the Funkerberg survived the WWII almost completely intact and were occupied immediately after the war by the Soviet troops.
After the area was used as maintenance station for the long-wave transmitters and for "Berliner Rundfunk " and "Radio Germany".
Full service operation on the Funkerberg was gradually reduced and finally discontinued in the summer of 1995 and how it hosts a small museum.

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