The city of Oranienburg is unfortunately very well known for the KZ Sachsenhausen - Concentration camp, but of course there's a more to see if you come here.
Like the Oranienburg Palace is one of the four "mother house" of the Dutch royal family - been built first in 1288 and then modified, renovated, used as SS barracks and then after the end of World War II, the Orangerie served as a temporary church for the destroyed church of St. Nicolai. The castle itself has been restored externally to 1954. Since 1952, after temporary use by the Red Army, it was used until 1990 barracks of People's Police or the border troops of the GDR .
The park itsef is very nice, with a lot of small squared parks inside.
During the winter the park is still open, but the funtains and the decorations are wrapped in plastic bags, giving to the place a strange feeling.

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