Some buildings are usually closed to the public or at least usually they don't allow to take pictures inside. Luckly in 2014 they've decided to have some events and concerts in Moabit, so that it was possible to have a look inside and this is the full reportage.
The building has been built as the "new" criminal court in Turmstrasse at the beginning of 1900. A monumental structure was built with 21 courtrooms for the Berlin justice. Both the accused as well as the visitors of the building should be impressed by a massive lobby with sweeping staircases.
The pre-trial detainees are however brought to the courtroom via hidden passages and stairways to prevent the contact with the witnesses and reduces the involuntary meetings.
This Prussian built building was the first electrically illuminated buildings of Berlin. It had at its completion its own power station, passenger and freight elevators, central heating, a private telephone system and water supply with a water tower.

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