You've probably seen it far away if you were watching the Spree on Treptower side or very close if you go dancing at Sisyphos, but you can not ignore the white smoking chimneys of Kraftwerk Klingenberg.
The Klingenberg is a thermal power plant puts into use in 1926. While the listed shell of the power plant building is largely preserved faithfully the technical components have been completely replaced since the 1970s. Today, the plant is owned by the Swedish energy company Vattenfall and is still working to produce energy for the city.
The technical concept of the power plant was created by the pioneer of modern power plants Georg Klingenberg, after which the plant is named. The architects where the brother Walter Klingenberg and Werner Issel , which produced an impressive industrial complex in expressionist architecture. At the opening of the coal-fired power plant it was the largest and most modern in Europe.
Originally it was in the immediate vicinity of the power plant from 1927 a large outdoor swimming pool, the Städtische Flußbad Lichtenberg (Urban River bath Lichtenberg), in which the bath water was heated by the warm cooling water of the power plant.

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