This is another good occasion for having a look to a nice building in Berlin and enjoying the installation from the british artist Jodie Carey.
This anatomical theater is inside the campus of Humboldt Universität and the works for its renovations are just finished (on the right side you can also see another building of the same style which is still in decay).
It is the oldest surviving building in Berlin Academic and it was designed by Carl Gotthard Langhans (same architect of the Brandenburger Tor) on the basis of Palladio's Rotonda.

"Specifically conceived for the Anatomical Theatre, the extensive installation references the culturally significant history of the space as well as its characteristic architecture. For the installation's material, Carey choses bone ashes that is produced by hand and that is carefully applied in the shape of the Anatomical Theatre's layout. In doing so, Carey maps the space anew along the lines of her work and offers a complex reading both of her artistic practice and of the historically charged atmosphere of the theatre."

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