The tradition of Berlin and its parks is a very old one since 1840 (at the time when the Volkspark Friedrichshain was opened) and the Volksparks (People's parks) are part of everyday life of Berliners, not just parks outside the city, but parks inside the districts.
The city of Charlottenburg acquired in 1904 by the Prussian state a 200-acre section of the "Virgin Heide" (english translation for Jungfernheide) for the installation of a city park, but unfortunately with the beginning of the first war the original plan was postponed and the financial crisis was also playing a role in the design of the park.
The implementation of the sports fields, swimming pool, children's playground, children's recreation and water tower lasted until 1927 and the park always suffered economic problems and during the WWII was heavely damaged and then reshaped for the highway passing just on the east side.
Today this park is very quite and nice (although is just very near to the Tegel airport) with different facilities: Sports Facilities, an adventure playground playscape for children, a historical water tower, a forest high ropes course and in the middle part there is the artificial Jungfernheide pond with a pool at its southern shore.

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