These Gardens have been created for the National Horticultural Show in 1985 and are a bit different from the other parks in Berlin. The area is huge but there's a bit fee to enter (now it's 2€), dogs and bicycles are not allowed as well as making grills and fire.
They were built in order to provide a new landscape park to the citizens in the southeast of West-Berlin, who were at that time cut off from the surrounding countryside. The park covers an area of 90 hectares and offers nature and garden architecture (rose garden, rhododendron woods), playgrounds, lakes and hills.
They're really relaxing, there are different paths and structures, games for childen, cafes and restaurants, very isolated places where you can enjoy the calm and the silence as well as a small nook where people play with scale models boats. Nature is the power of this place, with a Tierhof (with farm animals) and a house for bees.

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