We already meet the name of Bernhard Sehring in different occasions. He's the architect of the Staatstheater Cottbus and of the Inner Jewel: Künstlerhaus St. Lukas, but he's also the architect of The Theater des Westens (Theatre of the West), one of the most famous theatres for musicals and operettas in Berlin.
It was founded in 1895 for plays. The present house was opened in 1896 and dedicated to opera and operetta. Enrico Caruso made his debut in Berlin here, and the Ballets Russes appeared with Anna Pavlova.
In its history it has been opened and closed several times and in Nazi Germany, the theatre was reopened as the Volksoper, then closed after an air raid in 1944.
In 1978, the stage technology was improved. In 1981, a restoration of the interior was begun according to the architectural plans of Bernhard Sehring, the facade was restored in 1988.

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