The National Socialists in 1933 reintroduced the military jurisdiction by law and then the institution of the Reich Court Martial in 1936.
The Reich court was responsible for crimes such as treason, war treason, as well as for all criminal proceedings against officers in general or admiral rank.
The headquarters were in this building in Charlottenburg, where until the withdrawal of the Allies later the 1946 Supreme Court was housed. Because of the increasing bombing of Berlin - by Americans and the British and the Soviet Union - the Reich Court in 1943 was moved first to Potsdam and then to Torgau Zieten.
In the period of the WWII more then 1000 people were sentenced to death, including 313 of treason, 96 for treason, 24 charges of war treason, 340 for espionage and 251 for refusal and military morale.

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