This part is dedicated to the big building on the north east corner of the area, the only with two floors, Haus des Deutschen Sports which had its original entrance directly from the stairs of the U building with the swimming pool in the middle, but the only way to get in is from the other side where is the Sportmuseum Berlin.
This area can be considered the most interesting and well preserved at all, with its statue and the main entrance at the end of the field on one side, with the golden eagles on the other one.
The inside of the building hosts the Sportmuseum and its exhibition but it's for free and you can get inside to have a look at the marvellous winding staircase.
On the south side of the complex you can also find the Turnhaus and just at the entrance, original paintings of 1936 in neoclassical Roman style with athlets training.
Considering the whole complex, it's really hard to believe that this area has resisted all this time and can be considered mostly untouched.

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