(12th Nov. at 19.00 - 2013)
This time i'm going to share something personal, which is also about Berlin. This blog is also the result of a previous survey I've done all around Berlin, which is "Berlin by the clouds", one of the three parts of this Exhibition.
"In Ü-Berlin, three Italian photographers consider the city from different artistic perspectives:
Emiliano Jatosti who was one of the first to photographically document the earthquake L'Aquila, works on photo-architectural projects over Berlin and Sarajevo.
Dario Jacopo Laganà deals in his pictures Berlin with the architectural and social relations of Berlin since the Second World War to the present.
Gabriele Di Stefano was inspired by K. Scheffler's quote from 1910 about Berlin, a city condemned forever to becoming and never to being, and works with analog film cameras using long and double exposures."

The exhibition will be on from 12th Nov till 13th Dic at Italienisches Kulturinstitut.

© DarioJ Laganà | www.norte.it

© Gabriele Di Stefano
© Gabriele Di Stefano
© Emiliano Jatosti
© Emiliano Jatosti

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