Although is it not possible to compare this Delphi Filmpalast with the magical atmosphere of the Delphi Cinema in Weissensee, this cinema in Charlottenburg is also nice and it's in the same area of the Ludwig Erhard Haus, the Künstlerhaus St. Lukas and the Theater des Westens (sharing with those last two the same architect, Bernhard Sehring).
It was built in 1928 as a dance hall, during the WWII was heavily damaged and was rebuilt in the 1949 under the direction of Walter Jonigkeit ( 1907-2009 ), who had leased the theater for 25 years, again . At that time, it had the biggest screen and the most modern technical equipment of Berlin.
With the building of other cinemas, this one has, in the years, lost attractive and was discontinuesly used acquired in 1964 by the district of Charlottenburg.
After a renovation in the 80's, it's now back to function as cinema.

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