There's something magic at the former silent cinema/theater Delphi, a dusty atmosphere of something that was going to be lost, but that has been retaken. The people inside where busy to prepare the next show "100 Jahre Filmstadt Weißensee" a 3 day festival celebrating the former "film city" Weißensee and I've been able to walk freely and to catch the mood of the ancient time of this charming place.
The cinema was opened in 1929 in the area that at that time was full of places to make movies (the Filmstadt Weißensee), used till the war (also showing nazi films) and although it survived to the WWII, it has been closed in '59, but the building was in part still used as vegetable stock, rewatex laundry base, stamp shop and warehouse of the civil defense of the DDR.
It was bought in 2006 by a private investor, and now the theater and performance company Per Aspera Productions is managing the space.

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