If in Berlin there's a Checkpoint called Charlie, there must be also the Bravo and Alpha. The checkpoints were always devided in 2 areas, one controlled by the Allied forces and one controlled by the Soviets/DDR government. The names of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are the name given by the Americans.
You can have a look at one part of the Former Checkpoint Bravo in Dreilinden, while the original Checkpoint Charlie is now inside the Alliierten Museum Berlin.
But where is Alpha?
For the We Will Forget Soon - Denied Memories of the Red Army in the DDR project, we have started the Exhibition Tour from Marienborn, at the border between the former West Germany and the East Germany, on the way going from Berlin directly to Hannover. The exhibition took place at the Gedenkstätte Deutsche Teilung Marienborn, a museum and documentation center which was the East German side of the so called Checkpoint Alpha.
The very huge area was used to control cars, trucks and busses coming from West and getting inside the DDR or crossing it to go to Berlin. Together with the Grenztruppe (border soldiers) of the DDR, there was also a building controlled by the Soviet Army (then destroyed) and a building controlled by the Stasi (where the exbhition took place).

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