In Berlin-Lichtenberg, where were the headquarters of the Stasi (MfS), together with the Stasi Museum and not so far from the Prisons of Hohenschönhausen and the Operativ Sector, there are some other mystery buildings, closed, for which is very difficult to understand from the outside what it is inside. 
For a long time I knew about this building but I had no connections to find out how to get in and unfortunately the only time I knew it was open for visiting, I didn't make it in time.
Now that almost all my friends know about my interest for history and Cold War buildings, I've been compensate with a visit to this huge clean and perfectly working place, far from the abandoned dirty broken collapsing ones that we usually see.
This building is not to be considered abandoned, it is more accurate to say that is closed, although after Die Wende it has been used by different companies and different events.
It was hosting a congress center with a cinema (with heated seats) and the translation booths, an hair stylist for the Stasi workers, a supermarket, a garage and a very huge canteen.
It is very fascinating that the building is still working properly, the elevator is working, the electricity and the lights are still on and luckly the vandalism acts are not so common.
For us, who explore Berlin already since 3 years now, it is a splendor to find such places still untouched.

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