This building is inside the Messe Berlin (full reportage HERE) and you can reach it by the Sommergarten. It deserves absolutely a visit when it is open to the public. You can combine the visit Haus des Rundfunk (Berlin Radio) and the Messe Starship Building. All these buildings are part of the Itinerary #9 - Messe Nord, have a look at it HERE.
The building is from 1957, built by Bruno Grimmek and Werner Düttmann and it's now used as ballroom and events venue.
"With a retractable stairs, folding walls, and a height-adjustable chandelier is the largest ballroom in Berlin offers excellent flexibility in room design. Here, the 50s and 60s are back, with curved shapes, decorations and a large terrace with fountains. In the Palais at the radio tower up to 2,400 guests can be accommodated, whether for dancing or for the intellectual debate. You can also experience the unique atmosphere of the gold leaf ceiling."

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